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Writing Good Casino Reviews

The Web is filled with casino reviews, but most of them aren’t much more than thinly veiled advertisements with little real information. So what does a good casino review include and what topics should be covered? The best reviews answer all of the common questions that a potential player wants answered and usually include a few facts that they aren’t expecting.

What A Good Casino Review Should Include

Below is a list of what a good online casino review should cover with a short explanation of each. If a player is aware of all the information below they should be able to make an informed decision on where to play online casino games and/or slots and sign up at a listed casino. When you are writing your casino reviews, be sure to at the minimum include all the below topics and information.

The name of the casino may be an obvious place to start, but it’s more important than ever with the hundreds of casinos in existence. Many have very similar names, so it’s easy to get them mixed up at times.

Location and License Information
I admit that the location is not at the top of the list as far as importance, but it can help when making a decision about whether or not to play at a particular casino. While most players don’t worry too much about where a casino is licensed, it’s nice to have the information available if they are interested.

Contact Information
Some time back I read an in depth review of a large online casino and it included the contact information. This stuck with me, and I’ve decided it’s a great idea. It also sets a review apart from most other reviews because they don’t usually include it.

Years in Business
This isn’t always easy to come by, but it’s another piece of information that can be help when choosing between two or more casinos. The longer they’ve been in business the more likely they are to be reliable. Of course this isn’t a 100% indication, but it is a piece of the puzzle.

Years ago there were only a handful of online casino software and each casino only used one. Now there are tons of different software options, and some companies use more than one at the same casino. So this section is more important than ever.

Games Offered
The meat of every review should include the games available at the casino. This section needs to include more than just a list of popular table games and a vague description of the slot machine selections. Every game should be included in the review and if some games have different characteristics they should be included as well. While every player may not care if Perfect Pairs Blackjack is available, some may.

Progressive Jackpots
An overview of the best progressive jackpot games and machines can be very important to a lot of players. Many players are looking for a chance to win a life-changing jackpot so they want to know where to find them. The review doesn’t have to have all of the current top amounts, but it should include the machines that have high amounts most of the time.

Deposit Options and Fees
Having a list of available deposit methods is one of the few things that should never be left out. With all of the different laws from around the world and some payment methods working for some people but not others, potential players need to know what their options are. Players also want to understand if there are any fees associated with the deposit options they can use.

Withdrawal Options and Fees
Every player hopes to win so they usually at least consider how they are going to get their huge wins back out of the casino. Most casinos charge more withdrawal fees than deposit fees, so this is an important section to have.

Player Rewards System
Just like the location section mentioned above, there aren’t many reviews that include in depth details about the player’s club or rewards system of the casino. Almost every online casino has some sort of program like this so it is something that should interest potential players.

Available Bonuses and Requirements
Most players are at least a little bit interested in the bonuses they can get to play. Many online casinos have more than one type of or amount of bonus available, so all of them should be listed in this section. The requirements for clearing each bonus and what type it is should also be included in every review.

Screen Shots
Having screen shots of the casino and some of their games is not a 100% must have, but it does offer the player a chance to see a few things about the casino without leaving the site.

Review Conclusion
Casino reviews can help you choose the right casino. When reading them, you should be discerning, because some reviews are little more than sales letters. The inclusion of the information above makes the review you’re reading that much more valuable.

Reviews for the Best Casinos

If you are writing casino reviews for your website be sure to include the above topics. A good casino review should leave the reader ready to choose a casino and ready to sign up. You do not want to lose the reader to another website in search of a question that could have easily been covered. See examples of our online casino reviews for what we think is a good review. For nothing else you can use these examples as a reference point for some of the things you should include.

For specific casinos, you can see our reviews for the Lucky Red Casino, Bovada Casino and the BetOnline Casino. Again, we do pretend to know all the answers but we do think if you include the information we have, you have a great starting point and have covered some great material.