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Double Your Affiliate Income

It doesn’t matter if your casino affiliate earnings are $100 a month or $10,000 a month, you can double them by following some simple steps. After years in the online casino affiliate webmaster industry, I’ve learned lots of tricks, some easy, some not-so-easy.

How to Increase Your Casino Affiliate Earnings

In this article, I’m going to share my most practical tips for increasing your earnings as an online casino affiliate. Nothing is 100% guaranteed to work, but the below are definitely good starting areas when you are serious about being successful in the online casino affiliate industry.

Write More Content

If you’re earning $100 a month from 10 pages of content, then you might be able to make $200 a month by increasing the number of pages on your site to 20 pages.

That’s not the only approach to writing more content, though. You can also increase the length of the content on your pages. Do not add content to just add content. The content you are adding must add value to the reader or it is worthless.

If you have 10 pages of content, and each page only has 1000 words on it, try expanding those pages to 2000 words each, and watch what happens to your traffic.

Recent studies have shown that the top 10 results in Google tend to be over 2000 words in length, and longer content ranks higher. You may have heard that some search engines will only index or cache the first 1000 words of a page but the search engines that practice that are not dominant and chances are you are not going to receive any traffic from them anyway.

People also tend to be more likely to share lengthier content.

Acquire More Links

Some people love building links; others hate it. The reality is that promoting your content is one sure way of increasing the amount of traffic to your site.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on links just to improve your search engine rankings, either. Go after nofollow links as well, but do your best to make sure that those nofollow links will send you traffic.

The best way to acquire more links is to promote your content – then promote it some more – and promote it even more. Publish excellent content, and every time you post a new page contact people you know in the industry to let them know about it.

Some of them will link to it, even if you don’t ask them to directly.

Don’t get involved in link schemes like 3-way link exchanges or massive guest-posting campaigns. They are not efficient techniques, and they will result in a penalty as often as not.

Negotiate a Better Commission Rate

If you’re still working for the standard commission rate at the casino affiliate programs you’re promoting, then you’re limiting your income. The secret that no one talks about is that the starting commission for any affiliate program (including gambling-related programs) is just that—the minimum.

You do have to be able to justify your request for higher commissions. Offering better placement in exchange for a better rate is one way to negotiate such a deal.

You can get creative about these sorts of deals as well. If you’re sending a lot of traffic to a program, you can be guaranteed a minimum monthly payment. Regardless of what your actual earnings are you will at least get paid $x or be paid $100, $150, $200 or $250 per new depositing player. Such a deal sure helps if you’re on a rev share plan and have a player win a lot of money one month. We also talk about this very topic when discussing Business Development.

Improve the CTR on your Listings in the Search Engines

Your CTR is your “click through rate”. You can find data for this metric in Google Webmaster Tools.

Most casino affiliate webmasters don’t spend a lot of time working on this aspect of their sites’ optimization but it’s a detail that can result in a huge payoff. I spent an hour revising a small site of mine last week, and my CTR in Google’s SERPs improved from 14% to 19%. A 5% increase in clickthrough can end up being huge.

How do you get a better CTR?

Improve your headlines by using keywords in them that are known to drive more clickthroughs.

Including phrases and/or words like “best” and “how to” have been scientifically demonstrated to drive more clickthroughs and better-converting traffic.

Including numbers in a headline also increases clickthrough rates.

For example, “Best Online Casinos” is a fine headline, but “Best 10 Online Casinos” might result in a higher CTR.

“Play Blackjack” might be a great headline, but “How to Play Blackjack: 10 Tips” might result in even more clickthroughs.

Improve the CTR for the Ads on your Site

You don’t just want a lot of people clicking on your listings in the SERps. Once they get to your page, you want them to click on your affiliate ads and/or links.

But how do you do that?

The short answer is: experimentation.

The text you use in your call-to-actions should be tested rigorously. “Click here” might work well, but “Click here to get your $3000 bonus” might work even better.

The color of your call-to-actions matters, too. This applies to both text links and buttons. Try using different colors to see which colors result in a higher CTR. It has been shown that the color RED can get people excited while the color BLUE may relax people.

You should also experiment with placement. I see a lot of pages where there’s a call-to-action at the beginning of the content, but not at the end of the content. Website visitors may wonder what to do after they have read your piece of content. Tell them what to do and give them something to do – have them click to a casino!

You should have a call-to-action at the top, middle and at the bottom of your content.

Optimize your Content for more Longtail Keyword Phrases

This is a step by step process that’s easy to implement.

The first step is to log in to Google Webmaster Tools and make a list of keyword phrases that are already driving traffic to your site.

Then type one of those phrases into Google and scroll to the bottom. Look at the “Searches related to” links. Those are all phrases that people actually search for that are related to your search term.

Revise the content on your page that ranked for the original term to include those keyword phrases.

If you do this for every term your site ranks for, you’ll wind up adding hundreds (maybe thousands) of words to your site, and that will result in lots of additional traffic for phrases you would not have ranked for otherwise.

Be More Authentic

Reputation matters more than anything else in the online gambling industry. If you want people to convert, your site needs to be trustworthy.

How do you look more trustworthy?

Post your about and contact information prominently on your site.

Consider including a picture of yourself on your contact page.

People like doing business with websites which provide these kinds of details. A visitor should feel like they know the person behind the website which makes feel more comfortable with taking your advice.


Doubling your income as a casino affiliate isn’t that hard. You just need to follow some simple steps. Be methodical and consistent in your efforts and you’ll find yourself doubling your income multiple times.

Going for exponential growth by setting a target of doubling your income is the way to get rich in this business. By no means is affiliate marketing a get rich quick scheme, but if you put in the proper time and amount of work it is a very lucrative business. Do not expect to double your income overnight and do not get frustrated if 30, 60 or even 90 days go by and you haven’t seen the fruits of your labor. Google will admit it usually takes them about 6 months to fully incorporate any changes you make to your website. You will see results prior to 6 months, but after 6 months you can expect your changes to be in full effect.