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Business Development

Business Development is a term you may have heard many times but what exactly is it? If you ask 10 different people what business development is, you might get 10 different answers because business development encompasses so many topics.  For our purposes we are going to define Business Development as “the Creation of Value through the Organizations Relationships with Customers and Suppliers”. For customers we will speak of not only external customers but internal customers (employees or members of the firm) as well.

Business Development is all about adding value and that value must be able to be measured. If you can not measure the value being added by some new process or procedure, how do you know it is working? Also without measurement, how do you know which project will add the most value? Business Development can be, and should be, the process of adding many projects, procedures or processes but must be prioritized by which add the most value over the timetable you have set.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Timetable

When we think about Business Development we like to think of setting goals and then developing the processes or procedures to achieve those goals. When setting your goals make sure they are “SMART” Goals and track your process.

Affiliate Business Development

Now that we have laid out what we consider Business Development, how does this apply to the online affiliate business and what can you do to partake? We have years upon years of experience in the online gaming affiliate business and through those years we have done a lot of things correctly and a lot of things we would have differently had we known the outcome. Below is what has worked for us and if you can adopt these practices and implement them into your business you should see positive results and grow your business.

Develop Good Working Relationships with Your Affiliate Managers

Affiliate managers can be a huge piece of the puzzle. If you have a good affiliate manager he or she can help grow your business significantly. The opposite is also true. If you have a bad affiliate manager don’t expect great things to come forward. If you ever feel your affiliate manager is not doing everything they can to help grow your business have a talk with them and explain your reservations. If that doesn’t help contact the affiliate director or whomever the affiliate manager reports to in order to have a new manager assigned to your account.

Once you have an affiliate manager whom you feel is working for you, develop a relationship with them. Talk business but also try to remember small things they have said that are on a more personal level. Did they just go on vacation? Ask them how it was? Do they have a spouse? Children? Favorite sports team? Throughout my professional career I have always had a small notebook or file with personal information in it for every one of my business contacts. This way I could refer to the notes I had when I am speaking with them to remember these short personal things.

Once you have established this relationship, start asking for more. Of course you want more revenue, but also ask for smaller things. Co-branded landing pages, special bonuses or promos to offer your visitors, have them review your websites. All of this can add value. You may want to increase depositors by 5% through implementing special bonuses etc. and every new depositor may be worth $175. That is certainly measurable.

While it may seem like common sense, once you have a good relationship with affiliate managers they may be willing to go a little further for you and even offer you a better deal than you might have gotten otherwise. You may have to prioritize which affiliate managers you develop this extra relationship with to your strongest and best performing brands, because chances are they will ask you for a few extra things as well.

Join Groups – Network with other Affiliates

One big misconception is that by joining forums and attending events you may be giving away some of your “secrets”. Many affiliates feel if they share their experiences with other affiliates they may lose their edge over the competition. I myself use to feel this way. I joined a forum and would rarely contribute to the forum and would never try to help anyone. They were my competition right? Why would I want to help them? The truth is, by joining a forum and networking with other affiliates you will most likely learn more from them than you will ever give away. You have the potential to have 100 volunteers (or however many people participate in the forum) helping you with your website and business. By interacting with others in a forum or at an event it gives you credibility and chances are the other members of the forum or other attendees at the event will be more than willing to help you with any questions or problems you may have.

My favorite forum where I am an active member is the GPWA or Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. You will find the community there very helpful and the actual forum itself has great information to help you succeed. My personal handle at the GPWA is TravG – hope to see you there!

Get Started and Grow Your Business

Get started growing your business using any or all of the tactics above. This is what has worked for me personally and should work for anyone. Most of what you do in the working hours of a day should be devoted to Business Development and if you are the owner or CEO of your own company, Business Development should be your priority. Once you are successful enough to hire someone to take care of the day to day operations and maintenance of your business, almost all of your time should be spent on Business Development. While the above is just the tip of the iceberg, it is the seed from which your business will grow.

Good luck and be sure to also see the Casino Affiliate Programs I/we work with and recommend. These programs have great managers and resources for your business. Also find other pages here at Casino Portal Network which may be helpful in growing your business and website by exploring our website a little further.